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Friday The 13th: The Game Discussion

13 April 2017 - 08:00 AM

I used the forum search engine and didn't seem to return any results for a forum post relating to this game (If there is, please remove this mods ;) )


Anyway, for people who haven't been following, the backerkit campaign ended on 31st March, cards were charged for pre-orders around April 2nd, the developers Gun Media are nearing their game release window of early 2017 but still haven't given a clear date, citing they can't give a release window until rating boards abroad fully cert the game, as North America have given it M15+, and they do expect ratings board like Australia could give it an R18 (dev's have made clear they have put not sort of sexual nudity or sexual content in the game, as they didn't want the game to be raunchy and adding these things probably would of only got it cleared in the states and banned elsewhere.) I never got a chance to play during the beta time, had codes but gave away to friends who had high tier gaming PC's because my system wasn't compatible, and this game seems like it would be a great community night game, for all platforms so another reason why I'm hoping our NZG community (especially XB1 peeps since that's my main console) have some interest in this game, because it would be a community night game.


Just wanted to know who from the forum has invested/backed the project, who hasn't heard of the game or any members here who lost faith in the project and what systems they are getting it on. The waits been pretty long, I pledged to the project last year, although the wait has been killer "pardon the pun ;)" Its one of the games I'm really looking forward to this year besides my yearly sport titles and Star Wars Battlefront 2.