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In Topic: Micro Transactions and Lootboxes! It gets worse?!?!

05 January 2018 - 10:46 AM

For the NBA stuff, are you referring to those kiosks where you could buy community created clothing? Another reason why I never got into 2K18 this year either because of the grind and just the general bs that comes with this game plus its online community when it comes to ProAm/Park.


The only good feature of 2K18 relating to character creation is that you can upload quite a few image logos and they're availible to you (and only you) straight after you  upload them onto 2Ks website, last year you had those 5 or 10 daily token feature which was dumb. I was actually surprised as well that when I applied my custom logos the game didn't try charge me for those either. Gonna grind the MyPlayer with a default naked character get some achievements and trade it back in. Not worth my time.

In Topic: Micro Transactions and Lootboxes! It gets worse?!?!

05 January 2018 - 06:26 AM

So a family member gave me WWE2K18 for Xmas and I just recently got around to playing it. As with every game I spend a bit of time creating my Wrestler, I started the career mode and when I went into extended character creation I went to go pick some clothes and the whole list for various garmets of clothing were all locked, I thought okay I'm actually going to have to play and unlock items this will be interesting then I clicked on the item and got the message "This item of clothing can be obtained by opening loot/reward crates please go to the store to purchase crates" I nearly barfed and turned the game off and uninstalled. Not impressed.

In Topic: The Warehouse - new clearance/price drops

25 December 2017 - 08:57 AM

Geez seeing Star Wars BF2 that cheap, I wouldn't be surprised if it hits the vault soon. Only been out for a month or so and its value shat itself.

In Topic: PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Xbox

07 December 2017 - 07:20 AM

Interesting to see now with release of this game next week, Bohemia have come out to say DayZ is hitting game preview for us sometime next year as its suppose to coincide with the game coming out of beta on PC. so will be interesting to see if people will buy both or pick either or. I'm getting both and really looking forward to playing PUBG next week as I've only ever got to play a handful of times at friends houses on their expensive pc rigs.

In Topic: PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Xbox

29 November 2017 - 07:12 AM

Will be xmas jam, I've even convinced a few of my PC buddies to get what they call the pleb version of the game to play with.

and only $40. why not.