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Today, 08:34 AM

I'll always try to make it for some rocket league if you ever do some 6 or 8-player private matches for much around Mondays. I don't have many other multiplayer games at the moment, but holding out hope for a couple of upcoming releases:


Burnout remaster (is this multiplayer? I know nothing about it)

Onrush - out in June, and really hope it ends up being as fun as the trailer looks: 

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Yesterday, 07:58 AM

Hey Monkey & Dodgy, enjoyed watching your games on Monkey's stream like the good old days. Hopefully I can join in next time.


Monkey: the Rocket League Tournaments beta is live for PC today - supposedly it's being released properly in March/April - this could be a good option if it's out in time for your April 14th tourney that may or may not be happening?.

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09 February 2018 - 03:33 PM

I do like that goal explosion.
Somehow I bet size will get two of them two weeks in a row, painted and certified.


You know it! Here's hoping they come painted. The new RLCS wheels are definitely not as cool as the Apex from what I've seen.


Tried my luck using my switch online via my phone's data hotspot at lunchtime, worked great. 

That sounds like a recipe for some pretty bad input lag - but it's not too bad? Do you disable cross-play so you only get matched with other Switch players? May be a bit easier since you'd be more likely to come across fellow newer players - and avoid the PC guys with their high frame rate & low input lag advantages.

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09 February 2018 - 10:55 AM

Watched a brutal video of Brettzor opening 20 crates - so many rare decals and paint types. Money well spent!


Some of the RLCS stream rewards have been datamined, including this goal explosion - so Brett, even if you can't get the Party Time, hopefully this will be a good stand in!



In Topic: Rocket League

08 February 2018 - 06:13 PM

I’m sure I have a few- will message if I see you on later. You don’t want to open the new crate instead? Looks like it has some pretty nice stuff!