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In Topic: Rocket League

Today, 06:26 PM

I’ll be sporting some of the 2015/2016 ones until I can unlock some of these tasty new treats. Just had a flick through the unlockable non-crate items - the black and orange trail is awesome!

In Topic: Rocket League

Today, 10:45 AM

Pretty amped for some new items. I definitely plan on making my cars as spooky as possible for the next few weeks.


The candy corn dropping after each match is really going to make me want to play as much as possible - good job Psyonix. Sorry Destiny!


Keen to team up for some games, and some swaps of duplicate Halloween items with you all.

In Topic: Rocket League

Yesterday, 08:32 AM

Halloween items coming this week. Who's up for some games Tuesday night to try go after those item drops?

(will have to play online not private match lobbies so groups of up to 4 is the way but given how few people play chaos we can probably get games against each other anyway)


Halloween info ->https://www.rocketle...ent-october-16/


I'll be in for this Monkey. Halloween starts 1pm tomorrow, by the way.


Also keen for Rocket League Monday dvst8, if I can get on when you're looking to play.

In Topic: Turtle Beach Headset winners for September

Yesterday, 07:46 AM

Congrats! Dodgy, that'll make up for all the dud crate openings you've had recently!

In Topic: Yoobee Gaming Nights: Vote for What You Want to Play!

13 October 2017 - 08:46 AM

Rocket League and GTA V both get Christmas-themed updates over the festive season. Would it be possible to take advantage of that & do Christmas-themed NZ Gamer night for one/both of those games in mid-December to coincide with these?