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In Topic: GT Sport Weekly Race Nights (Starting Soon)

Today, 04:50 PM

Looks like GT Sport is playable for American accounts.  Only downsides... the speedo is in mph, most of the Japanese manufacturers have weird names, you can only turn left & English isn't found in the language option.  Hope you're having fun Trev' - you lucky bastard!

In Topic: GT Sport Weekly Race Nights (Starting Soon)

Today, 03:39 PM


Can buy the controller separately though :)

I’ll be picking up the controller tomorrow lol
Just not the game yet :(


Don't you have this around the wrong way..?

In Topic: GT Sport Weekly Race Nights (Starting Soon)

Yesterday, 03:08 PM

What he said she said.

In Topic: Turtle Beach Headset winners for September

Yesterday, 03:07 PM

Congrat's guys & nice prize!

In Topic: PlayStation Video launches in NZ

12 October 2017 - 03:47 PM

Rental prices seem a little high.  Or am I just a cheapskate?  I mean in the day and age when people can just download stuff for free (illegally mind you) you'd think they would keep the cost of a rental to like $5 and under. Otherwise they will just download an HD copy from the pirate bay and have it for ever.

Absolutely agree - you're just a cheapskate :P  ...I'm not just thinking of illegal ways either, there's plenty of streaming services (anyone heard of Netflix..? Nah, didn't think so...) which makes this seem awfully expensive.  I would have thought maybe 1.00 for old movies & 2.00 - 3.00 for new releases would make this quite attractive, & as a result dramatically increase usage / revenue.  Given Sony's movie catalogue, they could create somewhat of a monopoly in this by keeping it cheap & accessible.  I'm guessing the reason they haven't is to avoid undermining their big customers (such as SkyTV, etc).  Cool feature, but booo-urns on the price Sony.