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In Topic: NZGAMER Nights: GT Sport - Wednesday 7th February @ 8pm

17 January 2018 - 11:30 AM

Me keen. But opting out of prizes.

In Topic: NZGAMER Nights: Grand Theft Auto V - Wednesday 24th January @ 8pm

17 January 2018 - 11:29 AM

I'm sure Warren or Georgette should be able to make it along. :)

In Topic: GT Sport

12 January 2018 - 06:03 PM

There are some cars that do sound real, like the R32 GT-R, Ferrari F40 and a number of race cars. They still aren't quite 'loud' enough (even though you can adjust the volume of the gearbox, opponent cars, your car etc) but it's the first Gran Turismo since maybe GT2 or GT3 where most/all of the cars sound different to each other, especially when racing them/watching replays.


Immersion wise, i have no complaints. The last couple of GT games i actually completely avoided some of my favourite cars because the sound was just so insanely bad/wrong (like the Skylines, RUF's, muscle cars etc).


I'm on another forum where an American GT Academy winner regularly posts (Bryan Heitkotter) and he said: "Some of the GT3 race cars are spot on perfect (Audi R8, Ferrari 458, McLaren 650S come to mind). The GT3 GT-R is not the right sound - I have a feeling a street car with an aftermarket exhaust was sampled instead. The race car has individual side exhausts and sounds much different."

He's actually raced that GT-R, and against those other cars so you don't get much better confirmation than that.  :thumbsup: 


Another race car sound you may have missed is when going over bumps you can hear the car/rollcage/car parts rattling. Have a listen when on a bumpy corner next (in car view only i'd say). Never heard that in any other game i don't think?
And i thought the tyre sounds were okay, they increase in pitch/frequency(?) when you're pushing too hard and it's starting to understeer, at least in some of the cars i've driven.

In Topic: GT Sport Weekly Race Nights (Friday’s 8PM)

11 January 2018 - 05:31 PM

Yeah i don't think it's likely i'll be buying PC2 after playing the demo, GT and Forza are more fun. Not into real-as-possible type games as i play them to have fun, not get stressed out.


In saying that, if it gets absurdly cheap (under $15-20) i may consider buying it.


But yeah. Only days that aren't good GT days for me are Thursdays (unless the Forza nights move to another night) and Sundays (for the odd occasion i play GTA V). I have no social life, so every other day is good. ;)

In Topic: GTAO Halloween Havoc (Sundays at 8PM)

11 January 2018 - 05:23 PM

Now that i think about it, i may actually have two Warreners - was thinking it was Graeme who had them but i've got more garages with Warren than i did with G-dawg, even though i've clearly forgotten what is in most of them. :D