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In Topic: B*tch Thread

Today, 05:37 PM

Well its just switches with stupid symbols and language I don't understand..... :P I think i can work out the main switch but that's like.....maybe even got it wrong lol

If they are switches then make sure they are all facing the same way. If one isn't then it's probably off and you need to flick it on.

If when you flick it something else stops working then that ones different so flick it back :P

In Topic: Ranked!

Today, 05:11 PM

I used to like ranked stuff pre kid.

Now when I play online it's generally just casual unless ranked is the only way for online.

In Topic: B*tch Thread

Today, 05:00 PM

I miss when people just smoked cigarettes. Just spent a block walking behind a butterscotch vaper and it was f***ing disgusting.

I was really far behind him but the massive amount of vape just hangs.

In Topic: Playstation VR

Yesterday, 04:38 PM

Yea man, I'm intrigued.

It's good seeing a flow of games coming to VR.

In Topic: Please don't buy Shadow of War

14 October 2017 - 07:41 PM

To be fair its in the title. 'Please don't buy Shadow of War'. Granted its more of a request than an order.

If someone is making a comment like "i dont appreciate being told what to do" to that question, even with the word please, that seems odd.

Like if a sign said please drive responsibly it would weird to object to being told what to do.

It just seems to me like it was the only pro-other side angle that they could come up with.