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Today, 09:36 AM

Left side please

In Topic: Applying to Board of Review for a review of the Gal*Gun ban

Yesterday, 04:44 PM

yea I get that Ludez, but what games like that do you have enough experience at to say if it is lacking there?  (not taking a dig, genuine query for insight)


Because you could easily cut together some clips of a shooter to make it look like none of that existed.  Or more so COD, or Battlefield online aren't any of those things, they are fun  killing games where you literally take turns at killing each other over and over again.


I'm not persecuting those things, as I have had a lot of fun with online shooters over the years, but if you paint different objectionable material with the same brush as we apply to killing games, it becomes a lot more blurred.


An example of games I am somewhat familiar with is Hyperdimension Neptunia.  If I was cynically looking at those games I could see them as making the point that its just creep material.  They say such dumb pervy things, wear skimpy clothes, etc, etc, etc.  


But in context of the obvious satire they are just dumb funny games taking the piss out of the game industry and those other "pervy" games too.

In Topic: Applying to Board of Review for a review of the Gal*Gun ban

Yesterday, 02:02 PM

Read an opinion piece on the subject matter that made me think of it a different way.



Prior to reading it my opinion swayed more towards, if its a game pervs like, who cares.


But this is an opinion piece that swayed me a lot.  It makes the great comparison that people who play murder based, or violent games, aren't necessarily violent people, or murderers waiting for an opportunity.

The reality is its a gameplay device, that doesn't always reflect our own ambitions or thoughts, when I play Uncharted I don't enjoy it because I would like to kill a large number of people while hunting for a treasure.  


Or someone playing a hunting sim may not want to hunt animals in the wild, or killing animals to make their bullet satchel bigger to make it easier to kill people.


There is a clear disconnect between gameplay and our own desires if that makes sense.


So a game with "pervy" content doesn't necessarily mean someone wants to be a perve but may enjoy the gameplay on a basic level, and no deeper than that, and enjoy other elements of the games.


Some food for thought.

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Yesterday, 10:51 AM

Holy crap slime rancher is amazing.

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Yesterday, 06:57 AM

Yea my bad I thought they had a couple up north but ideas wrong.