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17 November 2017 - 12:24 AM

Hahaha yeah PC Part picker is better for checking compatability. Dont even know if it fits in the case etc.. Just bored looking at parts.

What would you go with if building for 2.5k?

Could swap out the i7 for a i5 and spend the extra couple of hundred to swap the 1070 for the 1080. Also maybe a bit overkill on the water coolent if your not overclocking.

The Case is always a hard one to suggest to people cause everyone has their own taste in what look they are going for. Im really digging the full glass looking cases at the moment!

Maybe something like this?

Just did a quick list but with some more thought you can drop the price down a bit more on some components, thats about $3000 though but includes GTX 1080 Ti, 250 GB M.2 NVMe SSD and the new 8th Gen Intel i5 which is 6 cores 6 threads @ 3.6 GHz compared to the i7 7700k which is 4 cores 8 threads @ 4.2 GHz...more than enough for gaming.


To drop the price down to $2500 you can go with a slightly cheaper motherboard but you'd have to give up some features like M.2 and USB Type C etc - can also go with a cheaper and smaller SSD drive and then upgrade later or add another SSD later, maybe even drop the RAM down to just 8GB and add another 8GB later.


The case is hard to recommend like you said everyone has different tastes, I'm currently using this https://www.computer...=p&partid=27705

In Topic: Mightyape Gorilla Rigs.

16 November 2017 - 09:17 PM

Maybe between $2 - 2.5k
Was almost going to throw down on one of the PB tech computers on cyber monday but that one sold out by 7pm (which is when I finished work and could look). It had a gtx1080, but seemed cheap at $2200 odd. Was wondering what the bottleneck was on why so cheap with a 1080 in it, only thing I could find was a 128mb SSD and 1TB HDD but couldnt see that making up the $600-800 drop Id expect to see a 1080 system at.

Probably was a cheap motherboard and i3 or Ryzen 3 CPU to keep cost down.

Got a link to it?

Just make something like this


Good list, but nearly $3k and no GTX 1080, should be able to change a few parts to go with a GTX 1080 instead, maybe even GTX 1080 Ti. The motherboard is also for 8th Generation Intel only I think which is the new 1151-2 socket, which is probably smart to go with for future proofing.

In Topic: The Big Drawing Thread

16 November 2017 - 06:48 PM

Just had a quick browse, a similar website based here seems to sell custom printed Tee's from $29. With the current exchange rate based on a TeePublic $14 (USD) sale with shipping works out to be $30 nzd anyway (minus $2 or so that I make from the sale). When the exchange rate is reasonable I will definitely look at getting one done though :)

There are some good Dark Souls and Bloodborne t-shirts on TeePublic, might grab a couple while the sale is still going, only an hour left on the sale though. Hmm. Need to find a shop here that does good quality t-shirt prints.


What are your designs on TeePublic?

In Topic: The Big Drawing Thread

15 November 2017 - 09:10 PM

I've actually been uploading to TeePublic for just over a year now. Unfortunately the US exchange rate is terrible right now otherwise I'd have considered getting one done for myself xD.

Oh cool, you can't get something printed here for yourself?

In Topic: Star Wars™ Battlefront 2

15 November 2017 - 09:07 PM

If you cant enjoy Mario you're dead inside Outlaw :) hahaha  :P

That explains my disinterest in almost everything lol...  :mellow:


Yeah I dont know...I never got into Nintendo games, don't know why...