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PS4 Humble Bundle

16 August 2017 - 10:23 PM

Pay $1 or more!  
fa6497eb3c5975b50950cd70ea90645212c55f94XCOM: Enemy Unknown Plus
9105eae43f99eeeb8518720e274d1dfa24669aceCivilization Revolution 2 Plus
ac11fcc735b31ed5d6b21cfae359e243afa2bee1The Bureau: XCOM Declassified
 All Bureau DLC 
878a308750b56b8984977834dab9e9705bce87cb Evolve
Pay more than the average of $5.89 to also unlock!  
5cfb1aac323e7914371082717568ddb226b3e8e6 XCOM: Enemy Within
d92b0193421cb80a9d3785df27264a8ddeae9147 Battleborn Trial
 Battleborn Platinum VC ($9.99)
c91fd884e706653c8eebb166da9f908eaac5b3fa Borderlands
49bc4228071f4f203eff5c75834a965edfd64117 Borderlands II Ultimate Edition
6953af40634019a8339d100cadd2c952cd5f8b18 Mafia II
e089817b97cc5789e376c40c7885a200677df1ea Spec Ops: The Line
Pay $20 or more to also unlock!  



Playstation Humble bundle, Some are for PS3 and Vita, but I cant edit topic. 

GOG games and a MAC

03 May 2017 - 04:54 PM

Hey guys I was wondering if KoToR from GOG would work on mac even though it lists it as windows platform where steam lists it as windows and mac. I have noticed this on a lot of games.
Or do I have to just buy the steam version?

Battlefront 1

19 April 2017 - 08:43 AM

I just grabbed this for $10 off US Store Deal ends today I think.

Does anybody still play this?

Mighty Ape Egg Hunt! PS4 + Horizon Prize

14 April 2017 - 04:02 PM



Just saw this on facebook. Damned if I have found an egg yet though! Prize is cool

  • Easter Egg Hunt: Win a Playstation 4 Console with Horizon Zero Dawn + more!

By Che

13 April 2017, 08:57

You monkeys have been asking for it, so the Easter Egg Hunt is back by popular demand! We're giving you all the chance to win a PlayStation 4 Console + Horizon Zero Dawn Prize Pack and more!

The Mighty Ape Bunny has hidden 8 Mighty Easter eggs around our site. They look like this (pictured below) and they've been discreetly placed at the bottom of 8 product pages. We have almost 6 million products listed on our site so you're going to need to be clever to find them  :P


You'll find eggs in the following categories – Books, Games, Toys, DVDs & Blu-ray, Home & Living, Clothing, Food & Drink, Music.

To make the Easter Egg Hunt a little easier here are eight handy clues to help you find them:

  • Blue Egg: Ocean
  • Brown Egg: Couch Potato
  • Green Egg: Exploding Star
  • Orange Egg: Marsupial
  • Pink Egg: Cat Fish
  • Purple Egg: Wonder Women
  • Red Egg: Green Light
  • Yellow Egg: Big Ben

When you find an egg, just click on it to let us know that you've found it.

Pro Egg Hunters: Find all eight eggs and you will automatically go into the draw to win an PlayStation 4 Prize Pack consisting of:

Amateur Egg Hunters: Find four or more eggs to go into the draw to to win a Logitech UE MEGABOOM bluetooth speaker!

Rookie Egg Hunters: Find at least two eggs and you'll go into the draw to win a Maxwell & Williams Prize Pack consisting of:

Find at least one egg and you'll go into the draw to win one of five $20 Mighty Ape vouchers.

You have until 11:59pm on Monday to find the eggs. We'll announce the lucky winners on Tuesday.

Please do not post answers in the comments below. Entrants who have been found to be cheating will be disqualified from the competition. Full competition terms and conditions.

Good luck and happy hunting! ;)

Screenshots etc on Wii u?

27 November 2016 - 12:10 PM

I was wondering how people did this in games on Wii u? All I have noticed is recording highlights from Mario kart. Is that all you can do?
I'd love some xenoblade screenshots but can't figure out how.