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In Topic: Destiny 2

Today, 11:53 AM

Even Bungie thought you guys needed a huge reward for dragging my ass through that haha was fun thanks and congratulations

In Topic: Today I....

Today, 09:20 AM

Am forumming from my pool on a hot hot day. So good!


Today I did 5 minutes presentation about how gaming helps me in my work and it was a success :D was very nervous but so glad I get to talk about my hobby :P
What was the presentation for? And how does it help ya?
Sounds cool

In Topic: Yoobee Gaming Nights: Grand Theft Auto V - Wednesday 6th December @ 8pm

Today, 09:18 AM

Ahh I can’t make this after all sorry.

In Topic: Fatso Game rental

Today, 06:05 AM

I think it’s $4 now

In Topic: Mightyape Gorilla Rigs.

Yesterday, 11:04 PM

I have the IPS Viewsonic, it is amazing, I cant really offer comparisons, as its the only monitor I have ever used other than a Sony TV.