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Today, 08:25 AM

Ah well I was wrong....again 😢

You sound like my wife! 😁

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Yesterday, 09:59 PM

Figured I'd bump this for NBA 2k18 and Shadow of War. Micro Transaction city. 

Hell 2k even started pressuring a Review site because they gave 2k18 nba a low score because of the microtransactions.

In Topic: MightyApe and FirstIn Daily Deals

Yesterday, 09:14 PM

I remember thinking that was a great price just because of the UHD Blueray player, which I thought would be cool even though I dont have a 4ktv lol I think it was just before christmas. 

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Yesterday, 09:11 PM


Wait.... are we pretending that soldiers fighting overseas have never harmed innocent civilians in any way, ever?

Back to the intial topic that sparked this debate though... is the media just trying to sweep this under the rug? Because aside from social media, there doesnt seem to be much information about this guy or why he did what he did

I think it's just said that military don't generally target non combatants. Terrorists generally just target non combatants.
On topic-
And to be fair do we want the media to really give this guy attention just because of his actions? That would just encourage it.




Even if it was a stunt gone wrong wouldnt investigating it be good to emphasize to others why fire stunts without a qualified stunt team is a bad idea as they can go wrong?

Learn from others mistakes etc?

Like if he left his fire retardant jumper next to the list of to do's with "do not forget fire retardant jumper" it would surely help serve a message that no matter how hard you prep don't screw with dangerous sh*t as you can still make a mistake.

I was referring to the part about why he did it, what he was protesting etc. But yes they could report on his mental well being, or his idiocy, whichever it was. If it was suicide then it is sad, and that needs attention. But attention on suicide, not whatever he was protesting. 

If it was just to bring attention to the cause though, ignore the cause, to discourage such acts in the future. Is that such a bad idea?

In Topic: MightyApe and FirstIn Daily Deals

Yesterday, 08:04 PM

the 1 day that you posted has refurbished xbones for $279. sounds cheap.

Weren't Xbox s about $300 new at one stage?