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In Topic: Rocket League

19 September 2017 - 10:20 PM

From what I have seen on YouTube you can only get 3 Decryptors per event and you can't trade the items unlocked.  Will have to wait to see if that is true.

Limited number of decryptors makes sense to encourage people to still buy keys but not being able to trade the items seems rough

In Topic: Yoobee Gaming Nights: Project CARS 2 - Wednesday 11th October @ 8pm

19 September 2017 - 10:18 PM

We finally get a racing game on a yoobee night and I'm away. Gutted (also I haven't actually bought the game yet  :blush:)

Have fun everyone

In Topic: GT Sport

19 September 2017 - 10:05 PM

Yeah I'm Matt, probably should have mentioned that 


Wow if we're thinking as far as a gaming lounge/hub then it would be super sick to have arcade machines, casual setups, simulator wheel setups maybe even a motion simulator. A bunch of systems set up to race against mates is obviously needed there. 

But actually looking at an esports competition probably needs to be online to get everyone involved as ultimately those sponsors etc only come on board when there's a wide audience. 

In Topic: Project Cars 2 Weekly Race Nights (Starting soon)

18 September 2017 - 09:44 AM

I see.
But you also haven't been back to sport so... you don't need that either :D

I do think some force feedback adjustments will make Sport more interesting

I tried to go back but the beta ended  :(

It will be interesting to hear how the online works in pcars 2 so I don't mind not picking it up at launch and waiting for peoples feedback

In Topic: GT Sport

18 September 2017 - 09:42 AM

Hi everyone,

Please excuse my hiatus. Been out of the Gran Turismo loop post-GT Academy Race Camp but keen to get caught up with everything (and everyone), especially with GT Sport just around the corner.


I recently had a meeting with a local e-sports start-up and they've kindly asked for some feedback from the Sim-Racing/Gaming and Automotive communities re: what we'd like to see from e-sports in the country. Just putting two and two together shows that there is actually a big gap in the New Zealand market for this type of thing and we have a real opportunity to shape where this will take the NZ gaming scene.


At this stage it's just throwing ideas out in the open so don't throttle back on anything you may come up with. I'm meeting with them again later next week to catch up so it would be good to get a first round of ideation in the bag before then.

Mods, please advise if this was alright to be posted here or if it's deserving of it's own thread.




I would say it could do with it's own thread, it's pretty chilled round here so no one will be getting mad at you either way.


Also heeeeyyy Louie didn't expect to find you on here. How's it going?


I'm keen to know who your in talks with, setting up motorsport esports is something I've been wanting to have happen for a while so I do have a few thoughts. Are they specifically looking at GT Sport to get things going locally?

- First it needs to be open/engaging for everyone, like the leaderboard stage of gt academy I guess, to grow a wide audience. But better still if it's actually live racing rather than leaderboards.

- You need good communication from the organisers throughout the tournament. Nothing worse than being involved but not knowing what's going on and feeling like the organisers don't care. I say this coming from esports WRC where the organisers have given zero information about the finals format and all us top players are getting pissed.

- Are you looking at an one one day tournament or an ongoing league over a number of weeks? Both options have positive and negatives to consider


I'd be keen to get compete or help out if you need it (maybe with commentary depending how serious this all is) so keep us updated  :thumbsup: