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Forza 6 gt3 bathurst enduro may 22nd vmotorsport

17 May 2016 - 08:25 PM

Sunday 22nd may 9:30 New Zealand time 7:30 Sydney, new entrants welcome but please read the rules, there will be a quiz
faknchuckn0rris receives the 10% power reduction for being so god darn good (points leader factoring in dropped round)
Cars to be GT series, <825 PI, and stock builds. Tuning is allowed. Traction control and Stability control is disabled, abs is allowed
Random Grid, 0.2 Roll offs
Yellow Flag Rules
If there is a incident causing damage to two or more cars then the grid will bunch up with lead car holding 100km, damage can then be fixed in pits. Green to fly once cars have bunched back up after pitstops have completed and is safe to do so, if are not part of the incident but you wish to take a pit stop under yellow you may do so but will lose track position
If you have a accident by yourself no yellow will be waived, idea is to keep yellows flag periods to a minimum. please help by making it so
One super enduro,up to 90mins (approx 42 laps). Unless major network problems then may declare race finished and start another to finish out remaining time.
stormycanz to organise room this week, add his gamertag if you have not already done so,