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In Topic: Battlefield 1 Community Nights @8pm

Yesterday, 05:13 PM

Should be on tonight :D finally got martini...don't know how I feel about it yet... and also try to unlock new shot gun so have to use m 10 slug for the first time omg....op much :D

In Topic: I Just Bought...

Yesterday, 04:28 PM

Another phone cover for my s5 leather one this time... and Yonder:ccc what a cute game!!!! :D 😻

In Topic: Battlefield 1 Community Nights @8pm

Yesterday, 04:26 PM

You guys usually don't see me in this part of the forums, but say hello to a new owner of a PS4. We did have one which was used by everyone in the household, so i never really played it much, I've only ever completed two Playstation titles and that were Heavy Rain ,Until Dawn and TLOU, So yeah, needless to say you'll see me around these parts now, my PSN ID is NiueanNemesis if anyone is ever looking to game. , my friends are all Xbox Users, so my friend list is pretty much bare to none. main pickups have been BF1 (to play with the two people i know on psn) and Horizon Zero Dawn, Bloodborne and the uncharted series are next on the list.

welcome! See ya on battlefield :D

In Topic: Battlefield 1 Community Nights @8pm

Yesterday, 07:57 AM

Top 3% resupply. ..ammo for everyone! !! :D

In Topic: GTAO Community Nights Every Sunday From 8pm

17 August 2017 - 05:57 PM

You know how there's extra money for top 3 in special race of the week... what happens if theres only 3 racers ..do you still get extra money??