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2DS XL announced

28 April 2017 - 01:48 PM

Ok so this kinda came outta nowhere!




Good to see it has added grunt that the 3DS XL has so newer games run better (I understand Pokemon SuMo runs terrible on the old 3DS / 2DS) 

Nintendo Direct, streaming here 10am NZT

13 April 2017 - 07:51 AM


This promises both Switch and 3DS titles but primarily focused on ARMS and Splatoon 2. 


Hard to say what reveals they will show, or save for E3, but pretty sure we'll see Ever Oasis (3DS), some more info on the upcoming ATLUS titles on 3DS, maybe Fire Emblem Warriors, the odd teaser for an old franchise brought forward onto the Switch (please please please Smash). 


3DS annoucements first 
1: Hey! Pikmin 
2: Ever Oasis June 23 (contrary to the facebook post below) 
3: Monster Hunter Stories OMGGGGGGGGGGG
4: Yokai Watch 2 Psycic  Specters 
5: Culcept Revolt Aug 29
6: RPG Maker  also free RPG player 
7: Miitopia
8: Fire Emblem: Shadows of Valencia DLC (some paid, some free, includes season pass option)
9: Kirby Clash Deluxe (looks like smash!, available 'today'), 
10: Kirby 3D Blowout Blast 
11: New kirby multiplayer game (no other info)
12: Bye Bye Box boy final game of the trilogy available today
13: new amiibo figures June 23rd Zelda + Smash

1: Arms character reveals + gameplay, releases June 16, confirms 2v2 gameplay, sounds great but will hold out for performance feedback, new yellow joycons shown 
2: what's new in mario kart 8 deluxe? (pretty sure nothing new here, all info already available) 
3: Ultra SF2 short presentation, May 26
4: Minecraft includes 8 player online or 4 player multi / split screen, also contains Mario content
5: Neo Geo (lots of games, samurai showdown available tomorrow)
6: Sonic Forces 'holiday' 2017
7: Sonic Mania 'summer'
8: Project Mekuru - looks like bomberman / splatoon lovechild available summer
9: Fate/Extella - July 25
10: Disgaea 5 Complete (I have this already #humblebrag) May 23rd
11: PuyoPuyo tetris releases in 2 weeks, demo available today (NZ?) 
12: (missed this one, talking to coworker)
13: rayman legends later this year
14: Sina Mora EX available summer
15: Battle Chasers Nightwar late summer
16: Payday 2 
17: Namco Museum available summer
18: standalone Switch Dock available for purchase May 19 
19: Splatoon 2 Wii U inkling open competition
20: Splatoon 2 Salmon Run / Horde mode gameplay. Befriend an amiibo character in #Splatoon2 and they’ll remember your favorite outfits, weapons, gear, and option settings. Launches July 21.

Switch Games, reviews + recommendations

20 March 2017 - 09:24 AM

It's only a small library available at the moment on the Switch and while I still have a loooooooooong long way to go in Zelda, it's nice to change things up a little and I'm sure people have been contemplating the same. I've grabbed a few more games since the Switch launched so thought I'd share my impressions of 'em, and I welcome yall to contribute too. 


Zelda: You already have this game, silly buns. Yes, it's amazing. 


Fast RMX: I've never played any of the F-Zero or Redout games but I spent my late teens playing the wipeout series on PS. I find this game is great in short bursts. The tracks look great but are not overly complex. There are no weapons, but a neat speed boost mechanic where you have to match the colour of your thrusters to the pads you are flying over. It has online multiplayer but most of my time has been spent solo play or split screen multiplayer with my son. The game looks and performs amazingly. I think it's around $33 on the eshop. 




1-2 Switch: bought this knowing full well it's basically an overpriced tech demo but I actually really wanted to test the motion controls and 'hd rumble' of the Switch, also it looked like great fun with my little man. So far we've had a great time with it, some games are too complex for him to fully understand so we stick to the sword catching, quick draw and table tennis. There are some obvious issues with detection at times especially on table tennis where it seems to hit the ball when you clearly didn't intend to. 




Shovel Knight Treasure Trove: Loved this game on the Vita but wanted to upgrade since this 'definitive package' includes 3 campaigns and another to come later. Neat old school platformer, challenging bosses and neat levels but unfortunately the standard joycon controls are not quite accurate enough for some of the trickier jumps. I find myself alternating between the analogue and digital movement controls. 




The Binding Of Isaac Afterbirth +: only grabbed this due to the hype behind it, and only available on the US eshop (had to by foreign eshop cards to purchase, can explain this later if needed). Didn't really click for me at first but after a while I was really digging it and found it hard to put down. It's yukky, offensive and runs like a dream on the switch. At NZD $58 could I recommend? Hmmmmm not sure. The diehard community report that playtime extends well over 600 hours so I dunno. Will keep at it and see. 





To guide or not to guide?

01 February 2017 - 08:37 AM

I'm torn.


I have some amazing games with well thought out puzzles, riddles, and hidden features. And I'm spoiling myself by not playing the game properly and skipping some of the intended surprises.


Pokemon: I'm trying to fill my pokedex so I'm googling the best way to evolve / catch the ones I'm missing. 

Zelda: I finished a temple, now I don't know where to go, so I look up the items I need next

Dragon Quest 8: The door to a tower won't open so I google what to do next


I'm never the first to ask the questions - there are multiple results of others asking the same question.


Back in the day where I'd only have one game, and perhaps no internet to search, it'd be a matter of being stuck on something for days until something clicks and I manage to pass the area / boss. 


Nowadays, busy dad, too many games on the boil, I don't have the same time that I used to. 


But every time I do this I feel like I'm ripping myself off and detracting from the experience. And at the same time, have the utmost respect and admiration for those who went before me and discovered this stuff for themselves.


Too many games? Too impatient? 

Fire Emblem

20 January 2017 - 06:52 AM



Aight time for a dedicated thread. All FE games across all platforms, discussion about current games, recommendations and future iterations. 


2017 is off to a cracker start with 3 new games announced: 


FE: Echoes releases May 19 on 3DS



FE: Warriors Releases Sept / Oct / Nov on Switch and 3DS



FE: Heroes Releases Feb 2 on Android + iOS




Full Fire Emblem Direct presentation




So what games do you have? Favorite? Recommendations? What are you most looking forward to in 2017?