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In Topic: Ranked!

Today, 04:54 PM

I don't mind if it's a general ranked thread. As for the 'super uninformative' title, 'Ranked' is the actual term used in the games listed main menu's.

In Topic: What Are You Playing Right Now? Weekly / Daily Update

Today, 02:25 PM

With GT Sport releasing I'm doing my best to resist the hype and spending some more time in Project Cars (1) as I never really gave it a good go. It's pretty decent and should tide me over for a while. 


Right back into Splatoon 2 as well, had the Splatfest over the weekend and really enjoying ranked. 

In Topic: Nintendo NX now Nintendo Switch

Today, 12:41 PM

^^ been looking into Volgarr, sounds awesome, as does Axiom Verge which I was meant to get day 1 but I now have way too many games and not enough time in the day lolol :(
Switch eshop now has a 'current specials' (or something similar) section. They have Infinite Minigold up for 30% off (I think it's about $17) and really enjoying it
The tournaments are pretty fun little time-killers and plowing through online shared courses is very addictive. You get a notification when someone beats your score too. It also has couch / online VS but I've not tried either yet. Made a couple of basic courses and uploaded them, it's killing me that someone has actually beaten my own course high score and I can't touch it lol. The controls are pretty finicky when swinging but the game doesn't take itself too seriously so no biggy.
There's also a free course available as DLC on the eshop, you can find it referenced from the main Infinite Golf page. 

In Topic: Destiny 2

Yesterday, 10:07 AM

Got my titan arms + helm out of IB but other than that 15 grenade launchers later and I'm out. 

Happy to be taking a break from D2. Went really hard in the first month so happy with the amount of content, and moving onto other games. That said, will probably be back for the Hard Mode raid. 

In Topic: Achievements/trophies You Just Got

Yesterday, 07:23 AM


Got a trophy in Assetto Corsa for sitting in Practice for 2 hours and completing 1 lap lol


Yeah, I played that game for a few hours and found it wasn't for me



Great game, but man it's tough. I have to dial everything back to 'very easy' just so I can hit podium for a lot of the races. Excellent driving experience even if it's brutal and the overall package lacks a lot of frills. Got a few more trophies on it, like drift and destroying my engine. 


Yesterday had one of those 'wtf am i doing wil my life' trophies - driving an entire lap backwards on Project Cars. I just don't get why they put rubbish like this in the game. 


On the other hand, I'm using the 'participate in 25 online races' as a great motivation to play the game more. But then there's also a downside to that - where you get people just sitting in lobbies / not racing (I assume) to get the trophy as well.