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In Topic: Rate The Last Movie/movies You Seen Thread

Yesterday, 06:11 PM


Alien - made it to a local cinema screening for Alien Day. Great to see all the detail shine through, the Brett/Jonesy and Dallas scenes were amazing on the big screen. 


Right, the real star for me was Jonsey though.  That is one tough cat to put up with that nightmare.

In Topic: 'Alien' Day - April 26th

Yesterday, 06:05 PM

haha - yeah cinemas do tend to bring out the "best" in people. Last night wasn't to bad, although some dude sat next to me with a large popcorn  - I swear to god it took him almost the whole movie to finish it. There's cinema chain in the states where there's basically no food/mobiles/talking allowed etc, otherwise you get thrown out. Wish they would open here..




Right.  Sounds like a great idea that.

In Topic: Posting Insightful And Good Quality Discussion

Yesterday, 05:34 PM


wow its neverending


In Topic: MightyApe and FirstIn Daily Deals

Yesterday, 04:48 PM

MA also got an end of April game sale, ends on Sunday.

In Topic: Upcoming Trailers

Yesterday, 04:43 PM

Anticipation intensifies