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#774992 Turtle Beach Headset winners for September

Posted by BlakeyNZ on 16 October 2017 - 11:07 AM

Congrats winners
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#764051 Dead People Who Are Slightly More Famous Than The Rest Us Thread

Posted by BlakeyNZ on 19 August 2017 - 01:45 PM

Very sad to hear about brucie. Hate looking at the english sites and seeing all the tv personalities passing
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#762043 Ori and the Will of the Wisps

Posted by BlakeyNZ on 21 July 2017 - 01:38 PM

Its a great game. Challenging enough with a beautiful art direction. The albums on my spotify playlist as its just so good
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#755760 E3 2017

Posted by BlakeyNZ on 06 May 2017 - 05:08 PM

Good work outlaw.
I think Im actually going to book the week off and watch all the conferences this year as they are pretty good times for us.
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#754560 Noel leemings $250 voucher

Posted by BlakeyNZ on 24 April 2017 - 09:26 PM

I was pretty close to buying a Samsung Galaxy S7 with this 'voucher' until I found out it runs out in June and you can only use it on selected items over when you make a purchase of $900 or more...

Are you sure? It seemed to me that the T&Cs meant that you only got a voucher from selected individual products $899+ and that you couldn't on things that are normally excluded from deals like Apple products.
Holy s**t, forget anything I said. That makes a lot more sense lol. I messaged Noel Leeming on FB and they said this:

Hi _______, thanks for your enquiry! The terms and conditions for this $250 gift card offer are:

Promotion valid from 8am Sunday 23rd April (for myNoelleeming members), then nationwide from Monday 24th - Tuesday 25th April 2017. ^Bonus $250 Noel Leeming Gift Card when you purchase selected products $899 & over, cannot be used in conjunction with any other Noel Leeming promotional offer. ^^The Bonus $250 Noel Leeming gift card offer excludes all Apple, Microsoft Surface, Samsung S8 range & Tab S3, Huawei, Parallel Imported mobiles, Sonos and Bose products. The individual product must be $899 & over.

That last sentence totally threw me off and made me think you could only use the $250 card on products over $899 lol.

Looks like I might be getting a phone tomorrow haha.

Treat yourself to a Gear VR.
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#753624 Mighty Ape Egg Hunt! PS4 + Horizon Prize

Posted by BlakeyNZ on 16 April 2017 - 01:54 PM

Cheers for all the tips. Good luck to all the regs.
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#753428 Mighty Ape Egg Hunt! PS4 + Horizon Prize

Posted by BlakeyNZ on 14 April 2017 - 05:26 PM

Lordes new album.
Doritos supernova.

Thats all I know but just want a NZGamer user to win
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#752667 Xbox One

Posted by BlakeyNZ on 08 April 2017 - 04:04 PM


Lets just wait until the actual reveal with product name and then the details.
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#752575 Xbox One

Posted by BlakeyNZ on 07 April 2017 - 06:03 PM

You just keep complaining at something thats not been officially announced and all we know is its more powerful. Hell if thats what you are complaining about i cant wait to read your comments on the next S model apple phone

The reason i said "lolokay blakey" is your interpreting it as complaints; as a consumer am I not allowed to question what's coming? Are you implying I sell into the drip-feed of information? We have an E3 2016 announcement that tells us it's coming; We have a web-page with technical stats that find themselves changing on; We have a hardware release today, but nothing to really say what we do with the hardware.

The reason I felt I had to reiterate that I did like Bunnny's mention of Forza was because that WAS cool, concrete info of hardware support. But what else?

Sorry if asking questions about a product is "complaining" in your world.

But you werent asking questions when you were saying all your getting from the information is simply its more powerful.
We know what we do with it, it plays games and it can do it at 4k what else are you expecting from it? Its not gonna fold your washing. If you wanna complain at the drip feeding of information thats a moot argument as thats been going on as long as advertising has been around and they certainly arent the only company guilty of it.
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#752566 Xbox One

Posted by BlakeyNZ on 07 April 2017 - 05:39 PM

In response to exclusives. No it wont improve exclusives as all games will essentially be Xbox one games that have an upscale patch just like PS4 Pro. But Phil Spencer has said exclusives will come.

As for saying its just 'POWER' yeah it is but thats as we havent had a real official unveiling as of yet and they are using a marketing technique to generate buzz to help get developers to look at it nothing wrong with that Im sure you'll agree, we'll get the rest when they try to start selling it to us and attaching features to a product name.

I feel like your actually just complaining for the sake of it as this has always been portrayed as the no hold bars version of PS4 Pro they explicitly stated this is part of the Xbox One family

And at your remark to VR Phil Spencer has never said no, he's always said when the technology was good enough they'd look at it and in the Scorpio announcement last year they pretty much said that with Scorpio being powerful enough it was time. Hell to have a big name like Fallout saying that its working with Microsoft to bring a VR version running at full speed with no issues proves that they think its time.
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#751276 Yoobee Gaming Nights: Rocket League - Wednesday 11 January @ 8pm

Posted by BlakeyNZ on 29 March 2017 - 07:41 PM

Wow thanks heaps to those that ran the community night and to NZGamer! Nothing like playing playing an awesome game with friends and then coming out with a sweet prize at the other end! Thank you so much!

Awesome - couldn't have said it better myself!


And think how cool your gonna look wearing those headphones while playing pokemon tee hee

Well done mate
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#751272 Yoobee Gaming Nights: Battlefield 1 - Wednesday 14 December @ 8pm

Posted by BlakeyNZ on 29 March 2017 - 07:30 PM

Well done Buc! Well deserved
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#750171 The NZGamer Forza Tourney

Posted by BlakeyNZ on 22 March 2017 - 07:58 PM

8.30PM works alot better for me.
If you guys dont make it does that mean me and Mvon get more points?
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#749779 Xbox HQ Special Event!

Posted by BlakeyNZ on 20 March 2017 - 07:10 PM

No 18+ ones
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#749388 Competition megathread

Posted by BlakeyNZ on 17 March 2017 - 03:52 PM

Entered all 3. Cheers Xeno.
Good luck to all NZGamers who enter (especially Sassy)
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