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Yesterday, 10:07 PM

Halloween Pussy Trap Kill! Kill! -4.5/10- This was... Ok so I was sold on the premise, Saw but with a scantily clad all female punk band in the traps and instead of Tobin Bell you have Dave Mustaine. Ok sweet, that sounds f***ing awesome. Then the movie starts and there is an incredibly out of place war zone prologue which tries to give the reason for the mastermind behind it all and why he is doing what hes doing but all you get is vaguely middle eastern look dudes running around screaming gibberish and cutting peoples heads and faces off, Then we get credits while the which isnt even all female plays, the song finishes and then they have to leave that very second for a gig in the middle of nowhere that will make them all famous and big time musicians. So that is cool and everything I guess but the bass player and band DJ say f*** that sh*t and go smoke meth, DJ tries to rape the bass player then leaves the band beats up a cripple and pushes him out of a wheelchair (no sh*t, it actually happens) then the rest of the band come out and the DJ is pissed off cause they are treating him like crap for beating on a cripple and trying to rape the bass player so he storms off to do more meth with strippers and some guys who say they are brothers but the relationship and the way they act with the DJ is incredibly homoerotic.  So then the band drives to their gig, the vans engine blows up, they get a lift from a creepy mechanic who takes them to his uncles house so he can use his van. They get to the uncles place and it is literally a tiny little shack, like it could fit a weed whacker and a f***ing rake in it yet no one questions where the van is and during the course of the movie this shack has several rooms in through the means of f***ing tardis technology I guess. So creepy mechanic is all hey check out my halloween mask and puts on this old school gas mask and f***ing gases everyone in his truck. The band then wakes up in a room and Dave Mustaine is all "These are my traps." then goes all Scarecrow from Batman on them and fear gasses them and theres f***ing zombies and evil clowns one of them sees a mime another is berated by her Grandmother, ya know creepy sh*t like that. Dave Mustaine comes back and goes "Lols that wasn't the trap this is." then explains that its all kinda bullshit and they have to hunt a gun but only have like 60 seconds to do so then they all get sprayed with acid but are all completely fine despite some bad cgi showing their skin popping. Eventually they get through then the rapist DJ is like "f*** this meth and strippers I got a gig to do. Homoerotic brothers come with me." Blah blah blah, they end up at the same place someone gets kneecapped by a shotgun, yet hes walking around later on perfectly fine albeit with rip in his pants and some pink paint on his knee cause screw effects right, then later on his eye gets ripped out and his make up starts falling off and you can see his real eye. One of the chicks gets her top ripped off so is running around wielding a shotgun in nothing but a tutu. This is all cut with shots of the mastermind sitting in front a computer watching them all then his family comes in, his daughter looks to be around 50 but has no neck or feet but really long arms and legs and just sits on a rocking chair and tries to beat up her mother. The mother meanwhile is dealing with trick or treaters by giving them things like grenades and killing cause she wanted their masks. It all sounds like it should be so bad its good, but nothing works even the math is f***ing terrible theres like 7 band members they have to survive 3 rooms and he demands that only one band members must die per room by the time they get to the second room one of them says "Only one of us can make it out of here." Like b*tch who taught you math!

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17 February 2018 - 10:56 AM

Today I saw deaf people yelling at each other at the mall.

Verbally or... handily...?

Both. It was intense.

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16 February 2018 - 08:51 PM

Today I saw deaf people yelling at each other at the mall.

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15 February 2018 - 04:47 PM

The first 2 are pretty decent and the animated movies aren't bad. The Wii game is also worth checking out. The third is ok though only worth going through to finish the trilogy and is only really worth playing through on co op.

In Topic: Rate The Last Movie/movies You Seen Thread

14 February 2018 - 11:17 PM

Event Horizon -8/10- After the talking about it I needed to watch it again. Such a good movie, its a shame we will never get to see the original directors cut version.


Cold in July -8/10- Well... sh*t... I did not see that coming.