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There's got to be a reason why all the Minecraft communities I join keep dying... Or does this occur in with all videogames?

Minecraft Drama

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Posted 24 November 2016 - 04:22 PM

Today I opened my computer, scanned a world folder for viruses, and opened it in singleplayer for the first time. For some odd reason, even though this world came from a halfway legitimate Minecraft survival SMP (made by admins who I don't put my trust in), I still had to cheat to get back to my base, where I had none of my inventory to be reacquainted with.


This is actually a first for me. No, it's not the first time I've been on a server like this one that fell apart; it's the first time I've acquired the world files for it. Usually when this kind of thing happens to me there's so much drama that nobody cares about the pseudo-physical world anymore, or something. Luckily the main douchebag admin had one small grace about him: that he would share the download with people in the Skype group chat this one time. Everything else about him - and indeed a lot of the other people I've met on any server (including this one) - was not graces, but big suckiness. I knew there was something unnerving about the server's personage from the day I joined, but oddly enough, this expulsion from a server is actually the LEAST drama-filled. The server just kind of ended one day, for no real reason. They announced it in the chat, but "the server lasting for 69 days is way too sexual" is NOT a reason.


I'm gonna give you a brief backstory here, one that will explain the gears and oil of what's been happening over the last few years. Although the main point of this thread is to ask a question, one that I should have come up with a long time ago. This history lesson will be brief.


There is a thing which I call Minecraft drama. It's a pervasive and disturbing trend that I've dealt with in plenty of my former online communities. Basically, something goes wrong in Minecraft, or because of Minecraft, or to do with Minecraft, and then verbal fights start over it. This kind of thing can pile up, and ruin little-developed or just poorly conceived friendships.


Minecraft drama has happened to me (or just near me) a lot since 2012, and of course whenever that happens, the multiplayer server it was built around is dismantled as well. So far I've been a patron of five (six?) different unsuccessful attempts at keeping a server afloat, and only the most recent one does not currently have any Minecraft drama that is identifiable to me. Basically what I'm saying is, this crap happens a lot.


The main point of this thread: I want to know why it happens so much. Aside from the most recent failure, the catastrophic, bridge-burning Minecraft drama has been in literally all of the scenarios I'm talking about. Is it because all were geared towards let's plays? Is it because Minecraft of all games demands the greatest amount of lawfulness and regulation, with realistically great losses that can be suffered? What if it's because I keep gravitating towards American groups of players and too many of them were morons? (I've met three reasonably likeable ones so far, two of whom I'm still friends with, while one is just an outlier who I forgot about for several years but briefly popped up again recently, he seemed pretty sane. Very few of the people I met in these places has remained a friend.) Is it because my personality and time zone is different to most of theirs, giving me less potential for footholds or friction? Is it because this game just naturally attracts stress? Overall, I think it would be better if Minecraft communities were more sturdy and slow to act harshly.


I could go on for an even greater amount of time and paragraphs going through all the stories about what happened and explaining why all the servers fell out of use and describing some of the shitstains I've met who ruined it all, but I'm going to spare you from that. Also I'm going to spare myself, because it's a lot of typing and I don't want to do that.


I just wish I knew, why are Minecraft groups and servers so unlikely to be sustained? What can be done to prevent these issues? If the first of these three questions is moot, how much does this happen in any kind of community based around playing a game?

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