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GT6? What you want to see?

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Posted 20 May 2013 - 09:39 PM




To be honest, I just want it to be like Forza 4.

I was close to hitting the delete button on that one. ;) Seriously! I like to think I've played FM4 and GT5 quite a bit, so... I'm not sure where you're coming from with that one. There are a couple of things I like from FM4 which really could do with coming over (leaderboards, if they were seriously addressed to be balanced, and paint) but I have found most of the core features such as graphics, sound, some aspects of the physics, to be preferable in GT5.


But I suppose everyone wants a different sort of game. Some want a game, but I want to drive my car on the tv.


I've played both games and loved them but the amount of things you can do in Forza just keep me more entertained than the content in GT. For instance, the event list that has pretty much stayed the same since GT3. New things have been added but the fabric of the game has remained very much the same. 

as to core features, GT5 has more admirable graphics, better physics but shockingly bad sound. Like the tyre screech file that has stayed the same throughout GT.

I'm not saying Forza is better for everyone. I'm saying thats what I want to see.


Good post :D

Haha yeh the events menu is part of the terrible UI which I want to see overhauled, but I have to say that I liked the bi-weekly online events, time trials and drift challenges. Also definitely liked the special challenges (Sebastien Loeb rally stage, Nurburgring training series, etc.) so I reckon it was a tiny bit redeemed. Pretty much on par with Forza 4's ocean-sized bucket list + interesting weekly rivals modes, I think.


I am always surprised to hear about the sound. I know it has had some bad elements, but the good sounds in it are very good.

Forza's crap sound drives me crazy; listening to the one tyre screech sample loop over during a long slide is awful, as is the "steppy" pitch of the engines as they rev up. I very much prefer GT5's sound with the transmission noises, the engine and exhaust noises, even the tyres, so... yeh it's weird how everyone's different.


But yeh the whole gameplay and menu system of GT has gone nowhere, I am very much in agreement there.  :)


iRacing still has the best sound and physics ;) But I'd say 90% of GT players would be put off the game if GT went down the race simulator track.


Yup I can agree with all of that apart from the sound part. But everyone to their own I guess. I guess for me just not enough has changed in GT to give me that wow factor. First time I saw the amount of customisation in Forza I was blown away. Then with the release of Forza 4, the first time I heard the vtec crossover in-game I had to get it. 

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Posted 02 June 2013 - 11:03 PM

This might sound weird but I want some GT5 Mixed with Forza maps and a midnight club (PS2) feel to the game :)
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