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Killzone 3 Open Mp Beta

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Posted 25 February 2011 - 01:16 PM

edit2: the below guys need to change their profile over there to their clan name as "[NZGR]" instead of what it is currently "NZGR" dont ask me why as I dont know but that is what stops you from showing up in the group

oh that link I posted earlier was just displaying anyone who had "NZGR" as their clan tag, changing it to "[NZGR]" doesn't add you to the clan, just to list of people who have that as their clan tag, so anyone can join that list, but not the official group without a request.

I'm guessing we'll be having some KZ3 clan matches once everyone's got the game and adjusted to it, but what about BC2? will we still be having any?
Once we're sorted we need a NZGR group photo in KZ3 with our preferred classes.

Are the discussions under NZGR on CLANZ restricted to only us? If so, we should discuss strategies etc. there rather than here.

So has anyone here actually played Salamun or BG yet? better or worse? I still miss Pyrrhus rise :(

What class is everyone focusing on first and why?

Tact and sniper I think.

How's tactician so far? what do you like and dislike about it?

I like the Tact, S&M with the sta-11SE is quite good, but I'll pick up an sta-11 it it's lying around :D
Sniper is a n00b class now. So easy. During the open beta I was camping with the sta-14 like a CoD n00b and laying waste to people.

We have a seperate clan area here, that we use for tactics and stuff in the Killzone section.
If you can go here: http://forums.nzgame...p?showforum=225
You're a member of the club :)

If you can't let us know and we'll get Ron to add you to the access list.
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