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#739110 Do You Want To Win A Gift Card?

Posted by pigeonqueen on 11 December 2016 - 07:49 PM


Tis the season of giving; so in the spirit of the holidays I've got SIX gift cards to give away to SIX lucky people!

Up for grabs is:
1x $30 Playstation Store Card (codeword: BLUE)
1x $25 Xbox Store Card (codeword: GREEN)
1x $20 Steam Card (codeword: WHITE)
1x $15 Nintendo eShop Card (codeword: RED)

UPDATE: Cellphones are for gaming too!
1x $20 iTunes Card (codeword: PURPLE)
1x $20 Google Play Card (codeword: YELLOW)

To enter; reply to this topic with the codeword(s) corresponding to which card(s) you'd like to be entered in for.

Feel free to enter for all SIX; but if you win one; you'll be ineligible for the others. Draws will be done in the same order as listed above.

NZGamer accounts created on or after 11.12.16 are ineligible for entry. :P

Entry closes 8pm December 24th; I'll draw the winners as soon as possible after that (but probably closer to 10pm) and the codes will be messaged out to the winners immediately. I'll also update this post with the winners' usernames.

Good luck everyone; make sure you spread the word to every corner of the forums and I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday season! :D

BLUE: MonkeyMan
GREEN: iludez
WHITE: woollywol
RED: Meeka
PURPLE: CoffeeAddict
YELLOW: womz

Congrats everyone, codes will be in your PM inbox shortly. Have to scratch all those labels first.

Thanks for entering everyone and I hope you all have a happy and safe festive season!
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#533691 Competition megathread

Posted by koyukon on 26 November 2013 - 03:54 PM

Hey guys, just posting a list of every NZ competition I run across. Subscribe to this topic to keep informed on new entries added.

Feel free to comment about any competition you come across. .







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#452893 My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

Posted by Jogga on 02 November 2012 - 07:33 PM

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#438495 A Bit Of Hard Luck.

Posted by gee_force1 on 06 July 2012 - 10:16 PM

A couple of days ago I heard a sad tale of one of our forum members.

NGUNS as he is known, had his and his partners home invaded by crooks who stole a bunch of stuff, but worst of all they stole his precious PS3 and games.
He manage to get back his PS3 and one of his games, which brings me to my next point.

NGUNS messaged me the other day telling me how gutted he was that he missed our Uncharted 3 event the other night, due to someone wanting his copy more than him.

So on behalf of Sony,NZGamer,Teljam and myself we would like to offer you a brand new copy of UC3 to replace the one that was taken from you.

NZGamer caring for the people!


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#407947 What Should I Draw, Gaiz?

Posted by FoxTrap on 20 October 2011 - 11:58 PM

This thread. Is the best thread ever.

Draw a "Morg". Just whatver you think a Morg may be, the first thing that comes to mind.



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#613613 News and Current Events Discussion

Posted by Chris Redfield on 27 October 2014 - 09:15 PM



By the way drunk_monk, Maori are not indigenous to this country. Go study some history.

Indigenous people definition:
Working definition of indigenous peoples by Jose R. Martinez Cobo

Indigenous communities, peoples and nations are those which, having a historical continuity with pre-invasion and pre-colonial societies that developed on their territories, consider themselves distinct from other sectors of the societies now prevailing on those territories, or parts of them. They form at present non-dominant sectors of society and are determined to preserve, develop and transmit to future generations their ancestral territories, and their ethnic identity, as the basis of their continued existence as peoples, in accordance with their own cultural patterns, social institutions and legal system.

Please quote your sources as to why Maori aren't indigenous?



A couple of points.


  • The early Maori fought and ate the Moriori who inhabited this land before them
  • Earlier civilisations have settled here before the Moriori including the Spanish


Plenty of resources available to go further into this topic if you wish to. But please, let's move on.



You are f***ing scum.f*** off you ignorant piece of sh*t. You have a big wah when people use swear words coz "they offend people" yet you say some of the most retardedly offensive sh*t ever. You think people should be judged on how they dress, you think rape is natural and most girls lie about being raped and you think Maori are all niggers who shouldn't have any influence on this country. f*** off you self righteous hypocritical cu*t. 


You know what I dislike? 26 year old douchebags who still live with their parents who have the gall to pass judgement on people actually living their lives and trying to get by day to day. But "oh no" because someone dresses differently or says a swear word they are a cu*t not worth considering. Get a f***ing job and maybe some friends you pathetic cu*t before spouting off your bullshit. 


And what authority do I speak with? Oh maybe the authority that someone who actually knows what an orgasm caused by another person feels like. Get out of the basement you f***ing slime. 

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#376965 7.4 Quake Hits Christchuch

Posted by Mongrel_Rob on 24 February 2011 - 04:32 PM

I'm okay guys. Most utterly terrifying day of my life on Tuesday. Was at work sweeping up as I finish at 1pm. Was in the older part of the warehouse I work in, which had sustained damage from the September quake which had knocked down part of a large wall. When it struck I ran for my life, I heard the damaged wall collapsing behind me, with heavy cartons falling from the racking all around me. I could barely stay on my feet it was that violent. At the end of the aisle I was running from, I had to jump to avoid a forklift that was carrying a large pallet loaded with frozen food cartons which was out of control. And it was loud. So loud. I managed to get next to a pillar which sheltered me from things falling off shelves and falling bricks and lights. I think I froze there for a few seconds rather than making for the nearest exit, I was that scared. It then stopped, and I was standing there in the thick cloud of dust. I followed the forklift driver out the main exit, some 30 metres or so away. Everyone had made it out okay. On the way out I looked down the aisle I had been down and the floor was covered with bricks and the entire wall at the end no longer existed. Half the pallets in the racking was also on the floor. I was also covered in dust.

And the mud! The mud was boiling up from cracks in thick concrete. The entire warehouse and chiller and freezer (all of which are huge) were trashed, with most of the racking and their contents collapsed.

We were all sent home. Luckily I had decided to bike into work that day, and it was so much easier for me to get home as the traffic was insane. On the way home I saw a church with entire walls missing, and shops frontages totally destroyed. And the mud covered most roads and footpaths and lawns. A bridge I went over had buckled.
I got home, which is a townhouse. Outside there was no damage, other than my front gate hanging lower than normal and I had to kick it in to get in. Inside it was trashed. All cupboards in the kitchen were open and most crockery was on the floor shattered. The power was off too. In the lounge my LCD TV was on the floor, face up and shattered. It looks like it fell sideways and then landed screen-first onto a top corner of my subwoofer. My PC monitor also met a similar fate, landing face-up on the floor and something heavy landed on top of it. The water had all come out of the (upstairs) toilet's system and was on the floor and was somehow leaking through the floor to come out directly below through a light fixture. Other than that, no other damage.

Getting through to my family and friends was a nightmare with mobile networks seeming to be down for the first few hours, and then quite unreliable later in the day. My family has gathered at my mum's the last couple of days, despite not having power or water. I've not showered since Monday night -_-

When it struck we all knew that there'd be no miracle this time around. We knew there'd be deaths. I'm still in shock I think. Watching the news, seeing what's happened to my people, to my city, is mind-numbing. :(
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#592725 Say Something About The User Above You

Posted by Syn-Ryn on 13 August 2014 - 07:50 PM

Something cool like Mongrel_Rob always does before locking a thread

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#571218 The Woohoo Thread!

Posted by jtbthatsme on 06 June 2014 - 08:24 AM

Woohoo my partner and i just had a baby girl (our first together)...she's so cute and tiny the smallest baby either us have had can't even fit the newborn clothes.  Even better my youngest son who also lives with us thinks she's awesome and says he loves her a lot.

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#555091 The Woohoo Thread!

Posted by Deku_Scrub on 11 March 2014 - 08:16 PM

:thumbsup: 10 points to my boyfriend fiancée for finally beating me in the present competition. Makes the circular saw look a bit sh*t, really doesn't it? :heart:



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#508891 The Kindness of Strangers

Posted by woollywol on 07 August 2013 - 11:33 AM

Something incredibly nice and heart-warming happened to me the other day, and I'd like to share it here (because it involves gaming). Maybe others have similar stories to share?

Would be nice to think that in our rather anonymous modern world, we still occasionally encounter that "kindness of strangers" that can brighten a dull day. :)


The post courier guy delivered a large bag (from Amazon UK) to me the other day. The bag was ripped in transit, and he had taped it up again. He pointed out the damage and said he'd gathered up the DS games that had tumbled out, hoping nothing was missing.

My trust in human honesty rose noticeably because he (or other posties) could easily have swiped some of the bag contents (including one quite valuable game). Anyway ... we got talking about games! He's a gamer too. Just recently bought a Wii U at Dick Smith (as I had done). He was just finishing Skylanders, and I had just started. We chatted six to the dozen, and I told him that I was a bit peeved I couldn't complete even the early levels 100% without having some of the additional Skylanders figures.


A few days later, he knocks on my door and offers me a bag with six Skylanders figures. He's not using them any more and wanted me to enjoy the game more fully.

Just like that. The kindness of strangers. I don't even know his name.

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#553904 Our Request In Regards to Ad-blocking

Posted by Phoenix on 05 March 2014 - 01:49 PM

Hi there!

We've been hesitant to write a post like this as we believe in the ability for our visitors to choose how they consume our content (and wider content on the web). For this reason we work to ensure that our website works across as many browsers as possible - including smartphones and tablets. However, as we have a lot of technologically-minded people like yourself, we're seeing record high uses of ad-blocking browser plugins.

So what we would like to ask of you, is that if you believe you get real value from visiting and using our site, that you consider white-listing nzgamer.com and forums.nzgamer.com in any ad-blocking software you may use.

Why? The reason is fairly simple. We rely on advertising income to support the company financially. How much we charge for advertising is based on the number of impressions that we're able to deliver to our clients.

There's a lot of advertising-laden, malicious, and disruptive websites out there - so we completely understand blocking ads. Our promise to you is that we'll only ever show adverts that are relevant, secure and safe.


The NZGamer.com Team

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#542485 Official Gay week thread.

Posted by Deku_Scrub on 06 January 2014 - 07:44 AM

Tufts, many a time have I tried to defend you when the torches and pitchforks come out. But this time I cannot. You have said a stupid thing and you are trying to back it up with stupid statements. 


Sexuality is not a choice. 

Yes you could say "Today I'm going to go f*** a guy." and go f*** a guy. Doesn't make you gay. Just means you f***ed a guy. 

It's  who you're attracted to. Who you fall in love with. No one has any control over that.


I could break up with my boyfriend. Go meet some nice girl, bang said nice girl, try my hardest to fall in love with said nice girl but it wouldn't happen. Not because she's not nice, not because she's not pretty but because I am not attracted to females. Because I am straight. and will always be straight. Because I am straight. 


And here endth my gay week experience. I tried. But I love the D. 

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#523957 The Woohoo Thread!

Posted by Scuba_Steve on 18 October 2013 - 11:30 AM

My boy was born this morning :cool:  

f***ing tired now, going to sleep

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#482552 Losing Your V.I.P. Points... Have Your Say

Posted by NZGamer on 06 May 2013 - 01:24 PM

We're always looking to evolve our NZGamer.com VIP system and change things up.

We recently updated the system to include:

• Loading an avatar - 10 Points
• Loading your gaming handles onto your profile - 5 Points
• Daily login - 1 Point per day
• Plus, points will also be awarded for such things as submitting a helpful news tip

These latest changes certainly aren't the end of it for us.

We want to continue to reward our passionate community, today is no different with us emailing out PlayStation Plus 90 day subs to our lucky NZGamer.com VIP's for simply joining in the discussion.

Thanks for the feedback and joining us to provide the best gaming website for our community.

Many Thanks,

The NZGamer.com Team

p.s If you think you've seen some great prizes thus far, wait till you see what June has to hold #nzge3

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#392913 Posting Insightful And Good Quality Discussion

Posted by PotatoLegs on 13 July 2011 - 04:39 PM



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#578415 XBOX ONE Game release Calendar

Posted by LeftoversNZ on 22 June 2014 - 12:53 PM

For me with the large number of games releasing I found it pretty useful to see a visual layout of where the games are falling that i'm interested in.

I made a calender plotting out upcoming titles that I intend to pick up on the "Xbox One Games" thread which a few people expressed interest in seeing a more comprehensive release calendar for all games and so here you will find exactly that. Hopefully more of you find this useful too.


A few notes

I have sourced release dates as best I can from EB Games and Mighty Ape as my first port of call. If they didn't list a NZ release then I went off of the IGN "Upcoming Games" list.

Any games that don't have a confirmed date are not shown at all.

Those that list a month but no specific date within that month I have placed in the TBC section for the appropriate month.

Dates as we all know, are very much subject to change so i'll do my best to update it when necessary (at the least once a week on Sunday)

If you see anything I have missed, post it below so I can add it. If it's a game that I have omitted form the list for now due to not having a defined release date then chuck the web link to it into the post too so I can easily grab the pack image.


*updated to include WWE2K15, Madden NFL15 and Transformers: Rise of the dark spark.












Future games of Note:

Batman Arkham Knight - June 4th

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#560892 PS4 Games For Sale

Posted by oconnomiyaki on 08 April 2014 - 05:40 PM

I already own it on the 360

Yet 5 hours ago you'd expressed your desire to take both? That's also at what would have been a $5 discount on Black Flag?

Whatever, man. No, I'm not willing to discount it. But I've noticed that you've been shitting up a lot of trade threads in an attempt to pinch yourself a bargain. How do you think I would have felt if I put aside AC and TR for you if Xenojay didn't get to me first, turning away other interested parties, only to then have you turn around and then try to barter? It was bad enough you were trying to low-ball BlakeyNZ on the PS4.

If it doesn't say ONO, I'm sure that myself and other people would rather hold onto it. It's not a sale of desperation. It's simple housekeeping.
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#469465 Prizes?

Posted by Jake on 11 February 2013 - 02:37 PM

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